Birthdays & More

Want to wish someone a birthday, anniversary, accomplishment or honor during the First Light Gospel Show, please fill out the form below!

First Light Gospel Show Lineup:

Sundays: Mable & Paul Scott / 7am – 9am

Mondays: Bobby Knight / 7am – 10am

Tuesdays:  Mark Gibson / 7am-10am

Wednesdays: BJ Pierce / 7am – 10am

Thursdays: Chip Rice / 7am – 10am

Fridays – BJ Pierce / 7am – 10am

Saturdays – Linda Greenwood / 7am – 10am

Note: For birthday shout-outs make sure you include ...

  • The name of the birthday boy or girl, who the shout-out is from
  • The birthday date as well as
  • The birthday message you’d like for us to read on air (be sure to include the specific day that you want this mentioned on air)