Submit a PSA

On-Air Public Service Announcement Policy

Only tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organizations may

submit announcements for broadcast.



  •  may be submitted to WNAA-FM up to eight weeks in advance, but a minimum of two weeks is required.
  • must be in written or printed form, and may be submitted in person, by mail or via email at   , (NO FAXES)
  • must include a contact person’s name and phone number of email address.
  • will be edited for time and station policy
  • may not include references to, or acknowledgements of any commercial business.
  • may be limited to one per 30 day period when the station has large number of PSA submissions.


WNAA makes no promise or guarantee to air all PSA’s received. In addition, no specific number of times, or frequency of airing is promised.


If your organization wants a definite schedule of broadcast times and days, or if you represent a business or for-profit organization, you must purchase underwriting time. Information is available by calling 336-334-7936.

Community Calendar Policy

The following event announcements cannot be produced as PSA's but can be listed in the Community Calendar:

  • Rallies/Demonstrations
  • Free Events

Benefits for Individuals

Book Signings/Public Appearances

Workshops or Classes

Exceptions to these will be considered on a case by case basis.